What is WebDMAP?

The Web-based Disease Mapping and Analysis Program (WebDMAP) is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) software designed to generate smoothed, continuous maps of crude or age-adjusted disease rates. WebDMAP provides advanced spatial analysis, GIS, and visualization methods in an easy-to-use, web-based analysis system designed specifically for users with little experience in spatial analysis methods or GIS software. WebDMAP is built using free, open-source products and is available as free, open-source software.

How do I install WebDMAP?

There are two options for installing WebDMAP:

Installing WebDMAP on a dedicated server

If you would like to deploy WebDMAP on a dedicated server, please follow the instructions provided in the server installation document. The installation manual assumes that you are using CentOS 6.0, although the procedure will also work with any other Linux distributions. Please send me an email to get access to the latest code repository.

Installing the WebDMAP Virtual Machine

WebDMAP can also be installed as a VirtualBox virtual machine. The virtual machine can be downloaded from here. See the virtual machine installation document for instructions. The documentation provides instructions for two common network scenarios:

The WebDMAP Virtual Machine is the easiest way to get started with the software.

Using the VM in “Host-Only” mode as outlined in the installation video disables network access – in this setup, you will not get any notification emails from WebDMAP.

WebDMAP Changelog






WebDMAP v2 that was written in Perl will no longer be supported. Please note that the database functions have not changed between v2 and v3.