Produce Spatially Continuous Disease Maps

WebDMAP is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) software designed to generate smoothed, continuous maps of crude or age-adjusted disease rates. WebDMAP provides advanced spatial analysis, GIS, and visualization methods in an easy-to-use, web-based analysis system customized for users with little experience in spatial analysis methods or GIS software. WebDMAP is built using free, open-source products and is available as free, open-source software.

How to install WebDMAP as a Virtual Machine?
Download WebDMAP VM here.

Estimate Suppressed Values for CDC WONDER Data

The Suppression Toolkit allows users to compute directly age-adjusted rates using suppressed case data obtained from CDC WONDER. Because of data privacy and confidentiality concerns, CDC WONDER suppresses data cells that contain less than 10 case counts. Directly age-adjusted rates computed from such data can cause an underestimation of true rates. This toolkit substitutes expected case counts for all suppressed data cells based on some regional risk (such as statewide rates), thus removing any underestimation biases caused because of suppression. Read more about it in our AJPH paper here. Download the software and user manual from here.